Marriage in sight: how to choose the best wedding rings

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scelta fedi matrimonio

Wedding rings are so important on the most beautiful day of a couple’s life because they symbolize their fidelity and evoke the profound meaning of the promise of love and mutual respect. Precisely for this reason, the choice of wedding rings must be made in two and represents an exciting and unique moment.
The wedding rings are the rings that traditionally sanction the union of the couple from the wedding day and will always be worn by the spouses, in their daily life.
Precisely for this reason the choice of the material, color and shape of the wedding rings is of fundamental importance because they must please both.

Selling wedding rings

The most used material for the realization of the wedding rings is gold and you can choose between 3 variants: yellow gold, white gold and pink gold. Usually the carats for wedding rings oscillate between 14, 18 or 24. However, the most classic material for wedding rings is and remains yellow gold, a noble and durable material, which is why it symbolizes eternity. Although, in recent years the spouses have also focused their choice of wedding rings on other types of gold, such as white gold or pink gold.

Measurement of wedding rings

The wedding ring must fit comfortably on the finger (ring finger) and must be right: that is, neither too wide, otherwise it could be lost, nor too tight, otherwise it could be annoying. To be as sure as possible of the size of the wedding rings it is advisable to take several measurements during the day because the fingers may be more or less swollen. Alternatively, you can measure a ring that you wear often, obviously on the ring finger, by measuring its circumference.

Pattern, style and customization of wedding rings

Wedding rings are an omnipresent element in the life of the spouses, so the ideal would be to choose them based on the style that pleases both of them. You have to evaluate the shape, the surface and the finish and then choose between round or square wedding rings, flat or rounded, smooth or opaque / satin. There are several models to choose from wedding rings, here are the most famous:
  • Classic wedding ring, the simplest, rounded on the outside and flat on the inside;
  • French wedding band, thinner and lighter than the classic one;
  • Mantuan faith, wider and thicker than the classical faith.
Obviously for the most important and romantic day, nothing prevents the bride and groom from daring with particular, eye-catching and unconventional wedding rings, for example:
  • Wedding ring with diamonds or precious stones: a jewel of character, capable of immediately attracting attention;
  • Crossed faith: that is composed of 2 or 3 circles joined and each of these has a different color;
  • Faith with carvings and workmanship: a lively and different choice from the usual;
  • Wedding ring with matte finish: an original, different and particular idea.
Furthermore , to be perfect, the wedding rings must have the engraving on their internal surface and in this sense you can opt for a more classic or more technological choice, for example:
  • Wedding ring with traditional engraving of the name of the couple and the date of the wedding;
  • Wedding ring with QR Code engraving on the inner surface, which refers to viewing the most beautiful photos and videos of the wedding day, with the most touching memories. An innovative choice, where high technology meets goldsmith art… a very personal touch to wedding rings, making them unique, digital and super romantic jewels.
Once you have chosen the model and style of the wedding rings, you must remember to choose the ring holder, which will keep them until the big day and which must be coordinated with the design of the wedding and decorations. In any case, whatever the style, shape and material of the wedding rings, it will be one of the most beautiful and exciting days of life!