The wedding ring, a powerful symbol

The heart of a bond that has been handed down from the ancient Egyptians

The history of our Book wedding ring is very recent, yet it has deep roots. Born today as a unique and contemporary jewel, Bookring actually includes a fascinating tradition that has been remembered since ancient times. The exchange of rings, the central moment of the wedding ceremony, dates back to Egypt 5000 years ago and continues throughout the pharaonic dynasties until the domination of the Greeks under the Macedonian Alexander the Great. Three centuries later, on Cleopatra’s death, Egypt became part of the Roman Empire: as with religions, the new rulers assimilated some local traditions and “mixed” them with their own, preserving the most suggestive.

In different places and times, different civilizations have attributed a strongly symbolic role to the wedding ring and its position on the hand.

The ancient Romans believed in the vena amoris, a thin vein that from the left ring finger would runs directly to the heart. In the Christian tradition, however, the ring finger represents the gesture of invocation of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Finally, according to an ancient Chinese legend, the ring finger represents the partner, the thumb the parents, the index brothers and sisters, the middle finger ourselves and the little finger the children. In any case, even today the ring finger hosts the engagement ring first and then the wedding band and both ring would lose their meaning if worn differently.


Fast-forwarding to the Renaissance era, at the height of the artistic and cultural splendor of our civilization. The wedding rings are embellished on the outside by the engraving of poetic verses; over time words become more intimate, reserved, almost secret. This is why goldsmiths refine their techniques to engrave tiny phrases inside the wedding ring.

Wedding rings, but show an authentic bond between lovers who, with phrases such as love me and don’t leave me or two bodies and one heart, talk about true love.

Marital faith today

A precious object
that represents the word WE

Real wedding rings, engagement rings … for all brides and grooms, in any type of wedding or ceremony, these objects become something that goes far beyond the concept of jewellery. If until some time ago the choice was limited among a few models (classic, valance, francesina), contemporary jewellery now offers a wide range of styles, materials and finishes.

Often the female wedding ring is embellished with diamonds or precious stones, while the male models vary only in proportions and are more essential.

The wedding bands and engagement rings, featuring in famous movie marriage proposals, can recall more classic models or be very stylish, with unusual and essential shapes. All this outside, in view of the world. But inside? Could there be one of the most beautiful moments in life that we decide to keep for ourselves or to share with our closest loved ones? Of course, that’s why Bookring exists.