How to choose the best wedding photographer

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fotografo ideale matrimonio

When organizing a wedding, there are many things to think about and one of these, very important and not to be underestimated, is the choice of the photographer .
Although it may seem an easy choice , in reality it is very delicate , because it is necessary to evaluate and identify the best photographer who is well suited to the style of the spouses, with his talent and his professionalism, taking wonderful photos, which know how to excite.

The wedding day is simply unrepeatable and unique .
In order for the photos and videos that will be made during the wedding to become indelible memories, to be cherished with love and handed down from generation to generation, it is important to choose a professional in photography, here are some tips:

Evaluate the emotion

The most used material for making wedding rings is gold and you can choose between 3 variants: yellow gold, white gold and pink gold.

Usually the carats for wedding rings oscillate between 14, 18 or 24.
However, the most classic material for wedding rings is and remains yellow gold, a noble and durable material, which is why it symbolizes eternity.

Although, in recent years, spouses have also focused their choice of wedding rings on other types of gold, such as white gold or rose gold.

Measurement of wedding rings

In addition to the aesthetics of the photos themselves, which must be liked, they must strike and convey something: an emotion or a feeling.

They must tell the magic of love, the story of the couple.

We therefore recommend that you look at the photo galleries on the websites or blogs of the selected photographers, or you can contact the professionals directly to make an appointment and thus view the albums and portfolio.

Once you have selected the photographer most in line with tastes, style and needs, it is advisable to organize a meeting to find out if there is a feeling between the couple and the professional, a fundamental element for the success of the event.

Evaluate the experience of wedding photographers

The photographer who will immortalize the most important moments of the wedding will have an essential role, that is to immerse himself in the atmosphere of the event and capture moments full of emotions and sensations, which then they will become photographs to be included in the long-awaited and romantic wedding album. To do this, you need experience, knowing exactly the timing and even the gestures of the ceremony. Choosing a wedding photographer means entrusting your trust and your memories to a person capable of capturing the most intense and significant moments of the event , creating timeless photographic shots, so that, in the future, they can be admired again, managing to evoke the emotional intensity and happiness of that day. Evaluate the style of your wedding photos Each photographer has their own personal style to tell a love story that they witness on the most beautiful day: from the choice of the frame of the shot to post production and the desired atmosphere. Before analyzing different profiles of professional photographers, we must first pay attention to the photographic style that best reflects the tastes of the spouses. Basically there are three styles of photography:
  • Reportage style : the photographic shots tell the spontaneity, genuineness and naturalness of the spouses, of the guests during the wedding, trying to enhance the expressions, emotions and details of the event; </ li>
  • Traditional or classic style : the professional guides the bride and groom (and also the guests, relatives and friends) by providing precise indications for taking posed shots, well structured especially at key moments of the day, such as entry of the bride into the church, the cutting of the cake, the ritual photos in a group with family and friends;
  • Creative and contemporary style : in this case the photographic shots are original, alternative and very creative, thanks also to the post production phase in which the photographer will intervene on the image using filters and special effects that enhance the colors, contrasts and details of that moment.
Obviously these styles can also be blended and mixed, to find a unique and interesting balance during the big day, just define everything with the selected photographer.

Evaluate the budget for wedding photo shoots

The photographer and wedding photo shoots usually represent a fairly high cost and our advice is not to go to savings, risking in the future to have photos or a wedding album that are not 100% satisfactory.

The photos during the wedding day must fully satisfy the spouses, because these, in the years to come, will be able to arouse once again the happiness experienced in those moments.

To have unique, personalized and magical shots, an adequate investment must be foreseen because wedding photography is an absolutely UNIQUE and personal job.

The extra idea for the classic wedding photo album

In addition to the classic wedding album, an original and romantic idea is the interactive wedding ring , equipped with QR Code engraved on the internal surface which, if framed, allows access to the ‘digital photo album.

In this way you can bring all the love and magic of marriage to your finger, amplifying the emotions.

An extraordinary concept that transforms and revisits the traditional paper-only wedding album, digitizing it, giving the possibility to relive and review the most exciting and moving moments, anywhere and at any time, also sharing them with friends and relatives.