Tailor made


Precious rings and Made in Swiss creations.

Our goldsmith masters, witnesses of made in Swiss excellence , design and handcraft each piece starting from selected and certified raw materials of the highest level. Gold and platinum, diamonds, gems with an ancient and profound meaning… are set and enhanced by glossy and opaque, brilliant and satin finishes, naturally perfect in every detail.

Each jewel comes in a female and male version, with dedicated customizations and elegant details that only lovers of beauty beyond fashion will be able to grasp and appreciate.

Imagine a ring with a detail belonging solely to you a unique detail: our craftsmen will be able to create it for you, realizing your wishes. Because if it is true that “true elegance goes unnoticed” it is also true that a jewel on the finger is a precise choice of style, especially if it is one of a kind and if it hides an extraordinary surprise from view.


Create with us to choose and customize your exclusive Book Tailor-made rings

Create with us! Choose and make your exclusive Book ring unique. Personalize your wedding band and engagement ring, even by engraving names or phrases inside.


Creativity and excellence, always.

Based on some starting models, you will be able to customize wedding rings, classic engagement rings and designer wedding rings, according to your preferences in terms of stones, precious metals and types of workmanship. Contact us for all the information and to create your precious ring for special occasions with us.